How to cancel All sent Friend Request


We have all might have sent friend requests to random people unintentionally in the past, which till today, it's still pending. 

this is often happen as a results of sending friend request to people who doesn't know you, hence the delay in accepting your request. 

How To Cancel Sent Friend Request On Facebook In this post, we will be able to show you a straightforward way which you'll follow to cancel all pending friend request on Facebook. The steps are quite the identical as both Mobile and PC versions of Facebook. Kindly follow the four (4) steps listed  below.


  1.  On mobile and PC, www.// > 
  2. Tap the V-shaped icon, 
  3. so tap View Sent Requests > A page with the list of all of your sent requests will appear > 
  4. attend the request you want to cancel and choose Cancel. 

That's all. The notification of a sent friend request will disappear immediately from the person whose request was canceled, and thus the person won't be notified that you simply simply have canceled the request. Hope you discover this post useful? Why not share this post using the share buttons below, and leave your comments within the comment section.

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