How to Activate Access Whatsapp Banking


Owning an Access Bank account just got more exciting. after the announcement by Access bank. This article will be explaining to you how to start banking from your Whatsapp Apllication on your Smart Phone device.    

Access WhatsApp Banking WhatsApp Banking is an elective channel that offers budgetary types of assistance to existing and expected clients through utilization of WhatsApp application, utilizing on the ongoing informing capacities of the Whatsapp stage. 

WhatsApp Banking is a web-based media stage intended to permit existing and potential clients utilize budgetary administrations that Access Bank offers, for example, reserves moves, broadcast appointment buy, charge installments, balance enquiry, account opening thus considerably more. 

How Access Whatsapp Banking Works 

  1. Add Access Bank to your Contact "090 90 901 901"
  2. Open WhatsApp
  3. State Greetings ex "HI"
  4. A menu will show up for you to choose a choice. 
  5. Select 'Register' 

  • Info your first and last name Information 
  • your email address Information 
  • default Access Bank Account Number"

 Enlistment is finished. Access WhatsApp Banking will inquire as to whether further help is required. Access WhatsApp Banking closes meeting.

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