Top 5 Music Production Software

The art of music production has been a mystery for many people who want to venture into that part but don’t know how to, most people eventually give up the idea of music production while others on the other hand, strive to learn it. Because of how seemingly complex the art of music production is, there have been the development of apps to help simplify the art, although each of these apps differ from each other, they make music production simple in their own way. Below is a list of best apps to use for music production.

List Of Best Music production apps:

  1. FL Studios (Fruity loops)
  2. Ableton live
  3. Bitwig
  4. Logic Pro X
  5. Garage Band

  • FL Studios(Fruity loops): Fl studios formerly known as fruity loops is a digital audio workstation which is very popular among hip-hop  and electronic dance music (EDM) producers. It was developed by Image-Line, it’s now among the most popular DAWs in the world and is used by most talented and creative artists, It’s quite easy to use as it has simplified workstations where you can make loops and it also comes with a mobile version so you can make music at the go. It is available for windows and mac

  • Ableton Live: This digital audio work station was developed by ableton, it’s a bit different from other digital work stations because it was designed for live performances for producers and DJs alike, most DJs use it because it can be used for beat-matching and also cross-fading. This was also among one of the early applications used to automatically beatmatch songs. It is available for both windows and mac systems.

  • BitWig: This digital audio  workstation was developed by Bitwig GmbH, like the ableton live, It was also created for live performances. Its software helps  you create or perform your musical ideas in studio or on stage, also it is becoming more widely used because it supports some modern expressive controllers while most others do not. It is also known for its good visual representation. It is available for windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

  • Logic Pro X: This audio digital workstation was only created for mac, however, there’s no information whether it will be created for windows or Linux operating systems. It however is capable of handling the most gruesome projects on your mac systems, It was developed by by Apple itself and has proved useful to many of its users, it shares similar design with garage band. It strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and functionality.

  • Garage Band: Garage band is a digital audio workstation that can be said to be the little brother to logic pro x, It’s often said to be a household app because of its every day usage in different vicinities, it was also developed by Apple Inc, it can also be used for podcasts creations, the tips written in-app are helpful and easy to understand.


Most of these DAWs are sold by their respective companies, however, for those who can’t afford them , there are usually demos released so that users can get a look on the different DAWs or you can go ahead to get the cracked ones, but these has their own flaws

Also these aren’t the only applications out there, there many of them but these were selected  because of their user friendliness and also based on reviews.
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