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Steps To Make Your Tweets Show Live On Big Brother Nigeria

We all know about the hottest reality television in Nigeria known to be the Big Brother Nigeria Reality Tv Show. The reality TV Show has been trending on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat and other Social media platforms. The reality T.v Show has the most active viewers during its 4th and 5th Season and has been making a lot of buzz on the internet.

Recently people has been asking series of question on how to get their messages, comments, and thoughts on the show. Well just in case you don’t know there is a slide through on the bottom of your screen. Where the Reality TV series has designed to show peoples comments and what their viewers are saying about the show.  So on this article we will be showing you how to make your tweeter message show in that session which the T

How To Make Your Tweet Show on Live TV 

We will be taking you through the complete steps of making this your tweets show Live Big Brother Nigeria in any given season.

  1. Download the twitter application from playstore or Applestore
  2. Register your profile on the application
  3. Make some few tweets about 10 – 20 tweets (to prove you are not a robot)
  4. Search of the official hashtag of the reality TV Show (for 2020 the official hashtag is (#BBNaija) 
  5. Tweet with the #BBNaija (tweet without an emoji)
  6. wait for 5-7 minutes for the tweet to be verified on their page (note there are thousands of people also tweeting)
  7. Watch out your tweet will be displayed

Other than tweets you can also make your comments show live and in real time on the Big Brother Naija Reality T.v show  via Text message and a Facebook platform. The means in which these other two platforms will display your Facebook message or Text message will be letter posted on this blog 

you can leave your comments below to tell us your experiences after trying out these steps.    


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