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Steps To Follow When Your Android Smart Phone Falls In Water

We all have come to note the evolving nature to technology. Even when it involves accessories like our mobile phones it’s not news that almost all phones produced nowadays by portable producing companies are waterproof. On this post we are here to point out you what to try and do if your non-water resistant phone falls in water.
Many technology experts have given their own solution to the current crisis. Which include sun drying, heating, cooling and then on most mobile smartphone users have discovered that these methods removes the water but cause a side effect on the smartphone. So below we give you

What To Do If Your Mobile Android Smartphone Falls in water

  1. Get a grain filled container, probably stuffed with small particules sized grains like rice millet sorghum, or garri.
  2. Remove thepaerts and also the smartphones accessories like batteries, sim cards and other parts which will be removable
  3. Flip your smartphone so fast from side to side so large drops of water are out of the portable.
  4. Dip your smartphone within the grain filled container to absolve the little particles of water left within the phone for about 20min.
  5. these are for steps to follow to locally dry your portable if it falls in water.
these steps are granteed to work but if it dosent drop a comment below about the technicalities your facing and we will give you an alternative solution. 
thanks for reading shear with your friends