Nowadays people tend to lose their social media accounts to hackers and this has become a new trend and “once the social media accounts to these is very hard or almost impossible to get it back” so you think

Today we take a look on how to recover a hacked social media account and we will be looking at one of the most used social media platform in the world known as FACEBOOK. There are many things that could lead to our Facebook account being hacked and here are some of them.

  1.  Not having a strong password: 

 This came as the number one reasons most people get hacked on their Facebook account using a week password. Most individuals tend to use their mobile phone number as their password without knowing that’s the first thing a hacker will try while trying to hack your social media, Facebook account.

      2.  Clicking on links: this is another way hackers get your username and the password of your Facebook account. Most people tend to click on every link they come across on Facebook  and when they do this the  link will ask them to input their username and password to enable them get redirected. When you do this your username and password would be sent to a hackers system. Then he can deploy his hacking skills.

Easy way to recover your hacked Facebook account    

Immediately you discover of suspect your Facebook account is hacked try this

  1.   Log out from the app if that is already done log back in with your username, Email or Phone number.
  2. Tap on “Forgot Password”
  3. Input what your Facebook account was initially linked to your phone number or email
  4.   An OTP(one time password ) will be sent to the phone number or email you previously inputted
  5.   Put in the  code (OTP) one time password 
  6. Change your password to something much stronger compared to the last one you used.  

Once this is done your facebook account is once again under your control.

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