How to Record and Send a Voice Tweet in the Twitter App

Twitter as we all know is a text-focused social network, but the multi-million dollar company also went ahead in adding videos and pictures in 2008. Now the company has agreed to add a voice tweet feature which is inturn allow its users to send an audio massage as a regular tweet 
Twitter is still on the process of adding this feature to its iPhone and iPad users. There’s no word on when it will make its way to Android (as of the time of this post)


  1. You can Start by opening the Twitter app on your smartphone(Iphone and Ipad) and then tapping the Compose Tweet floating action button this is found in the bottom-right corner of the application
  2. Next, type out a tweet. This isn’t a requirement, you can send a voice tweet without adding a written message. From there, select the Soundwave button found in the toolbar above your keyboard.
  3. A soundbar will appear onscreen, indicating that the recording has started. Select the Pause button whenever you want to take a break and then hit the Record button again to continue recording.
  4. From our testing, it doesn’t appear as though Twitter has put a time limit on recordings. You can record as long as you like, but Twitter will break the audio into two-minute-long clips.
  5. Select the "Done" button when you're done recording
  6. Take one last look at your tweet. When you’re ready to share your message and or voice recording with your followers, select the “Tweet” button.

There you go all done you tweet is ready to be published and seen by all your followers. Not still sure how to add a Hash tag (#) to your voice tweet yet but we would let you know when that is done. The voice tweet will also be saved to your device once you’re done.

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