How To Increase your Instagram and Twitter Followers

We might have all our social media platforms and feel that only a few people get to see our stuff and products if you’re an online marketer.
This post will be showing you ho to grow your Instagram and twitter followers. All though most people tend to buy their social media followers the thing is that you end up buying robots as followers and they don’t partake  in your social circle or buying your product if you’re an online marketer.

Risk of Buying Social Media Followers

  1. They Don’t  like your post
  2. They don’t drop comments
  3. They don’t review your products
  4. They don’t buy your products
  5. You won’t be given a blue verified badge even when your robotic followers are 6M

So today we will be talking on how to grow human followers naturally.

Steps To increase your Twitter and Instagram Followers

  • Step1. Your Caption
  • Step2. Use the proper # (hashtag)
  • Step3. Do giveaways
  • Step4. Invite people to tag their friends  
  • Step5. Mix up your content.

Let’s elaborate more on these steps taking  it a bit deeper

Step1. Your Caption
Your caption those words you use to narrate your pictures before posting them in the case of these two social media giants try to use captivating quotes before posting your picture as a products marketer make the description of the item short and attractive inother to gain a viewer drawn to that product.   

Step2. Use the proper # (hashtag)
Do this rightly and your get 62% chance of getting 30-60 new followers when it comes to  # (hashtag) on twitter make sure you post your content with a trending  # (hashtag) to get more people across the world currently on that  # (hashtag) to see your content immediately twitter has a very strong algorithm for   # (hashtag) same too as instagram does. Your most likely to get more than 50,000 people see your content when you use a trending # (hashtag)

Step3. Do giveaways
As Nigerians we are people love users who do giveraway and they tend to follow you get more free stuff in turn you share your content with them.  

Step4. Invite people to tag their friends
This is vital to get a community of people who love your content more especially if you’re a product marketer.
Ask your friends to review your products and tell their other friends about your products.  

Step5. Mix up your content
As a user not every time you post about yourself or your products mix things up a bit to engage other users who have interest in other things for example if you’re a user you can post current memes to attract other users who likes funny pictures. And you’re a product marketer you can all someone else to represent your products so your followers get someone or something fresh.  
Just like many users of social media scroll right past videos without watching them and many users too will watch every single video they see online diversify your content creation and engage more users.

These are five (5) trusted way to grow your followers on social media platforms. Thanks for reading share this post with your friends by cling the share button below thanks.