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How To Backup and Restore Contacts On Your Android Smartphone

We all know It is very these days for our phones to get damaged or stolen and when this happens we tend to lose our files we have stored in our phones.
Most especially files like our contacts. So this post is how to import and export android contacts to your Gmail account in other words it will be telling you how to back up your contacts and restore your contacts if your old phone got damaged or stolen from you.

How To backup You Contact 

Most people find this difficult but its actually easy by taking these procedures or steps

1. Logging to your Gmail account on your android smartphone
2. Go to your contacts application
3. Navigate to the settings on the app
4. Click on “default   account for new contacts”
5. Click on your Gmail account (once this is done)
6. You can now start saving your contact directly to your Gmail account

This doesn’t mean the contacts wont be on your phone….. it means that the contacts are saved on your phone and in your Gmail.
Now after doing the above procedure and your phone got damaged beyond repair or it got stolen the following procedures will explain how to restore your Contact from your Google/Gmail  account on a new android Smartphone phone.

How To Restore Your Contact on a New Android Phone. 

  1. Navigate to the settings of your android smartphone and then click on account
  2. Login to your  Google / Gmail account 
  3. Navigate back to your contact application  
  4. Go to the settings of the contact application
  5. Click on “Import /Export”  

That’s just it your saved contacts from your Gmail account will be restored to your android device
But then if you lost your phone and cannot  get a new phone immediately, you might want to reach someone and you don’t have the persons contact off hand … if you might have backedup the contact you can get the contact and call on someone else’s phone 

How to Check your Google Contacts Online. 

  1. Login your goggle / Gmail account on a PC or any device 
  2. Navigate and click on  the square looking icon (its close to where you sign out)
  3. Click on Contacts (that is navigate to see the contact you want to place a call to)
  4. Copy the number out
  5. Call with another line. 

That’s just it. Make sure you share this someone out there might be in need of this article