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Top 5 Tech Companies That Are Growing Fast in Nigeria

Top 5 Tech Companies That Are Growing Fast in Nigeria

Nigeria is known as African biggest economy and the home of millions of black people it’s also known as the most populated Black Country.

As Nigeria keep growing in their economy and Agricultural fields they are always looking deep into the Technology field. Although Nigeria is back when it comes to Tech, but taking a good look at it now they are actually growing fast. And we hope to see more great things from Nigeria too.

So today we are going to show top 10 tech companies in Nigeria, disclaimer: most of the companies are not owned by Nigeria, some were bought and few came in Nigeria.

5 Interswitch Nigeria:

Almost everybody in Nigeria knows about Interswitch and not only people in Nigeria, Interswitch is also known world wide. The idea of Interswitch came from Mitchell Elegbe when working for the Group Marketing and Business Solution at Telnet Nigeria 2001.

The idea was to make money transaction easy and to be electronic. And it worked now Interswitch does not only have real-time transaction switching and payment processing, but it’ shared infrastructure has also been adopted by Governments agencies, Banks, and corporate body’s.

4 Airtel Nigeria:

Nigeria is home of some few good telecommunication networks in the world, and Airtel is one of them, although Airtel came into Nigeria in the year 2010 when it took over ownership from Zain.

But what many people don’t know is that Airtel is an Indian domiciled telecommunication company. But also the network has showed great strength in the Country.

3 9Mobile:

We have come down to one of the fastest network in Nigeria, but many people complain that the rate the company place their price of data and calls are too high, but with that, people still love using 9Mobile.

The name was not originally called 9Mobile, it was formerly known as Etisalat, which many still call it till date. But Etisalat came into Nigeria in the year 2008 and was fast growing and later changed it’s name to 9Mobile in the 2017 of July the 14th.

2 Globacom Nigeria:

Now this is one of the successful company owned by Nigeria. It was founded by Dr. Mike Adenuga, a very honorable man.

Globacom is very popular in Nigeria knowing that half of the popular in Nigeria prefer using Globacom popularly known as Glo and locally known as Glo. The telecommunication network has prove to provide ultrafast internet access to Nigeria as well as West Africa.

1 MTN Nigeria

We have come down to the number one on our list and the oldest telecommunication network in Nigeria.

MTN is a South African company which was brought into Nigeria in the year 2001 and has won the heart of all the Nigerians. When other telecommunication network companies came out people still wanted to use MTN and still use other networks, and then the ability for a phone to have two SIM slot was introduce. With the growth of other networks in Nigeria, people still love using MTN.

And it has proven to be the fastest network when it comes to calls, data, and it provides good, fast and clean internet connection in the country.