Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2020

Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2020
Hi, it’s me again and yeah I’m the guy on this blog who is going to be dropping all the programming tips and hints you need this year and the other years to come if this blog continues to run and those not face any issue on it’s run time. You guys saw what I did there right? I tried to pull a joke out of what I was saying. Most of you won’t understand unless you are into OOP languages or compilation. So today I want show you ten Web design trend you need to know about and apply in your daily designs. This will actually help you and today I won’t be explaining much, I’m just going to give you the list of all the design tips you need to know and it’s up to you to go do some research on it and get all you need from it.

So what are the 10 Web Designs Trends this year 2020?
10: Frost & Gradients

9 Large Fonts

8 Full Screen Forms

7 Throwback

6 Hand-Drawn

5 Documenting Charts

4 Interactive Charts

3 Voice Recognition

2 Video Overlays

1 Webgl

These are all I have to tell you for now and as I said you need to go do some research about them, because they are not what I can actually fully explain, they are all practical things