Men kneeling to propose is an idiotic act – Pete Edochie

Nollyhood on-screen character has, scrutinized men who knee down to propose to their life partner

Through a video he posted which turned into a web sensation on Thursday the 72year old entertainer said "any youngster who stoops to propose to a woman, isn't only a nitwit however a compound simpleton a compound bozo "

He further clarified that the training is outsider (Foreign) to the African culture a stipulates expert on the spouse as the leader of the home, rather than the husband.

He said we attempt to duplicate the white individuals, I have confidence in the consecration of our way of life.. the white man bows to propose to a woman the woman assumes control over the home.

The veteran entertainer additionally said he doesn't accept the training connotes love or human advancement.

I have lived with my significant other for a long time, Nobody has arrived at state "Please quit beating this lady" is it disdain that joins us? he asked his questioner.

Bow down before your significant other and sick feelings for you when she assumes control over your home

Likewise he offered same expression in January this year saying "in Igbo A Marriage is perceived when a lady offers her future spouse wine while she's on her knees, meaning his position therefor, the wife should bow and propose not the other path round.