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5 Programming Language To Learn in 2020

5 Programming Language To Learn in 2020

Hello there, many of you may be asking what is a programming language and many who know what it is may be asking what or which language should I learn in 2020. Well, the choice is actually up to you, what actually need to learn what you need, that’s what I always tell people who come asking me for help and tips on how to do things. There is actually no secret to all these. It all just depends on you. but today I am going to show you five programming language which I think and I know is going to lead this year 2020. And if you want to learn it, that’s fine by you and if you already know it and still fine by you.

5 Java:
So the number five on our list is Java, many of you may be asking why should I want to learn Java or why should I learn Java, but what you don’t know is Java is still leading the tech industries with many big Tech companies and organizations still using Java, because of it’s security. And yeah Java is the Native language to Android too, that’s a plus if you learn Java.

4 Swift:
Now this is Apple’s programming language, which is used to build almost all the Apple’s gadget today. The original language used by Apple was Objective C and is still been used within the Apple Tech team. But they created their own language which is nice and you can only learn Swift if you have an Apple MacBook. Which is the only down side when it comes to learning Swift, knowing that their Laptops are way too expensive, but developers still make sure they but it because it provides security and a nice environment for developing applications.

3 SQL:
Yeah SQL which stand for Structured Query Language, this language is very easy to learn, I learned how to use the language in 5 days, that’s how easy it is. Why it is easy because it’s a English like language, coding with it is like writing or typing English. And many big tech companies used this too.

2 JavaScript:
Many people mistake JavaScript for Java, although JavaScript is now going into things nobody knew it will go into. Things like AI, ML, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, which means if you learn JavaScript you are actually going to become a full stack developer. JavaScript was originally built for the client side of the web, to make the web more interactive, but people saw that it could do more than just make a web site look and interact nicely.

1 Python:
So we are now down to the last and the first on our list, which is Python, many of you may know Python and yeah the hype for Python is growing each day. Knowing that almost of the tech companies now uses Python, makes python on of the most valuable language to learn. It has find it’s way into AI, ML, DL, Desktop Apps, and one of the most popular use which is Data Science. The language was built by a crazy mathematician, so I would be surprise that it could do all this.