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4 Programming Language You Should Learn To Start Up in 2020

4 Programming Language You Should Learn To Start Up in 2020

Hello there, it’s me again although I’ve not stated my name but you can see it on the author tab. So this is 2020 and many may be asking what language should they learn to start up the year and what tech is the big tech industries and startup using and looking for? These are the question most people may be asking and for some who don’t know where to start and which language to start with this is for you. a little disclaimer here, this language depends on you, which means they are actually optional, and not a must to learn, I am only telling you what the big tech companies are actually using this year. So with that aside lets go ahead and start what you actually came here to read.

4 Dart:
Now, this is one language that has been under usage by Google for a long time but was officially release to the public in the year 2017 or late 2017. It is said that Dart may be the next programming language to rule the tech industry. Knowing that it is supported by a Framework called Flutter and which is used to build cross platform applications, which are for Mobile, Desktop and for the Web also. We don’t know where the language is actually heading to for now, but it’s moving fast that I will say and it is very easy to learn if you already know any OOP language. I also use Dart and Flutter to build my Native Android and iOS apps too.

3 C++:
Well, this is not a language you can just join into, I would say this myself, because I have not started learning it but wanted to. Smiles, but yeah C++ is one of the languages all this big tech companies uses. Google uses C++, Facebook, etc. Google originally uses C++, before moving to other technologies like Python, Java etc. And most Gaming companies uses C++ too for their Game Engine also.

2 Python:
So we are now down to the second on our list, which is Python, many of you may know Python and yeah the hype for Python is growing each day. Knowing that almost of the tech companies now uses Python, makes python on of the most valuable language to learn. It has find it’s way into AI, ML, DL, Desktop Apps, and one of the most popular use which is Data Science. The language was built by a crazy mathematician, so I would be surprise that it could do all this.

1 Java:
So the number one on our list is Java, many of you may be asking why should I want to learn Java or why should I learn Java, but what you don’t know is Java is still leading the tech industries with many big Tech companies and organizations still using Java, because of it’s security. And yeah Java is the Native language to Android too, that’s a plus if you learn Java.